Khaz Charters

Have you ever wanted to catch a monster King Salmon or Halibut in the pristine waters of Southeast Alaska?

Then booking a trip with Khaz Charters out of Sitka, Alaska is the place.With the highly experienced crew

and the proximity to the fish, this is definitely the trip you've been waiting for.​

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Sitka Fishing

Sitka is known as the Salmon Super Highway. Salmon migrating North and South swim through the rich waters. King Salmon can actually be caught in the waters around Sitka all year. Also, according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, the waters outside of Sitka are one of the most productive King Salmon fisheries in the State. All this combined makes fishing with Khaz Charters in Sitka your best choice for ocean bright salmon and halibut.

Jacob Stappler, the owner of Khaz Charters, is a year round resident of Sitka and would love to help you experience the beauty of the surrounding waters.